Are adventures risky?

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I think no matter what level your adventure may be, there's always an element of risk, otherwise that you wouldn't consider it to be an adventure.

Would you?

I think adventure has a lot to do with overcoming fears and trepidations.

Is it our fears that define our adventures?

Perhaps it's your fears, or at least overcoming those fears that make you adventurous.

Understanding that you're heading towards the unknown or doing something you consider to have an element of risk, but doing it anyway.

Surely that's what makes you adventurous, right?

I'm trying to help you understand that.

I want you to know you can definitely have more adventures and they don't have to involve Everest!

You can have an adventure in your house or in the garden.

Surely that's the perfect place to start?

That's exactly what Keely did, with her son Harrison.

Have a read of her blog post.


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