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UK's Biggest Provider

It's only taken DAS Outdoors 2 years to become the UK's Biggest Provider of parachute shelters.

In early 2016, Mick came back from a supplier and called a meeting.

He'd noticed an abundance of parachutes in the warehouse and knew he had to have them.

Rich wasn't so sure. With too much army surplus stock already on hand, he was reluctant to sit on more product for decades to come:

There was no way we were buying those parachutes. We didn't have the space or the time to process them.

Dad loves stock. I mean loves it, he's been amassing gear since we started in 1988.

I was really concerned that we were just going to end up drowning in more gear we weren't selling


Something very different happened at that meeting.

Mick put a very strong case forward and Rich completely changed his viewpoint.

He didn't just agree we should buy some parachutes but convinced Mick and Jan that they take every single parachute that came out of the MOD and suggested the company took on a second warehouse to process them all.

Most Popular

It was the right call; customers really wanted to get their hands on one of those parachute shelters.

Mick didn't have to wait until Spring or Summer either. People from all over the World were buying them in the middle of winter.

Shelters quickly became the most popular line and more and more people were wanted help with where to put them and how to set them up

Asking questions like, are they waterproof, can you have a fire under one...

So it was decided that we wold answer.

Laser Focused

In January 2018 Rich presented to his team a future that was all about outdoor shelters.

A future where we will not just sell shelters, but be experts in shelters. We will share information about shelters, help people find the right shelter for them, teach people how to set up a shelter and show people what they can do under their shelter.

Everything and anything to help get more people and their families outside.