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Made In Britain Marque

The Made in Britain marque can be used by companies who manufacture, or significantly change, products, here in Great Britain.

To get the mark, you have to demonstrate to the Made in Britain team that the work you do is done in either Scotland, England, or in our case Wales.

At our Denbigh warehouse, in the heart in the Vale of Clwyd, in North Wales, we repurpose decommissioned military parachutes and we turn them into fantastic parachute shelters that you can use with your family, club, school or company to get outdoors and have even more fun.

Made In Britain Marque Logo 

Who are DAS Outdoors and what do we do?

We're a family run company, with a small team.

We take unwanted, surplus, parachutes from the MOD and we turn them nto fantastic shelters.

The process varies from shelter to shelter, but we are able to manufacture small, medium and large outdoor shelters.

That can be anything from a huge parachute tipi, that you can get nearly 60 people underneath, to a small den kit which are really popular with families of individuals with a real sense of adventure.

You can sustain and create even more manufacturing jobs

If you or someone you know is in the market for an outdoor classroom, please have a look at what we do.

We can help to solve your outdoor shelter problem and you would be helping support the small team that we have here and create more manufacturing jobs in the future

If shelters aren't your thing, please take a look at the Made In Britain directory.

There is a whole host of British companies out there, doing amazing things!

Made in Britain marque

We're really proud to qualify for the Made In Britain marque and very excited to start using it on our products.

If you want to know more about the processes and techniques that we use to re-purpose the 1000s of parachute we have on hand, take a look at this YouTube video.