Family Comes First

Family Comes First

Imagine a future where you can put your family first.

Spend even more time with them and at the same time, do work that you're extremely passionate about.

Without compromise!

That's our mission and why founders, Mick and Jan Brady, jacked in their careers as a teacher and florist way back in 1988.

To have more flexibility, more independence and to give Paul and Rich, their two sons a wonderful childhood.

Can we help your family?

There's not a lot we can do for your work life balance, unless you end up as one of the team of course, but we want to help you spend even more time outside with the people that you love.

DAS Outdoors has evolved from the traditional army surplus business that Mick and Jan started in 1988.

We are now the UK's leading provider of parachute shelters.

We make fantastic outdoor shelters from re-purposed military parachutes, right here in Wales, and we hope you'll have a great time underneath one.

Our goal is to help 1 million families get outside and spend even more time and have even more fun together under our parachutes shelters.

We've even got a whole wall in the office dedicated to it!

We launched the campaign in April 2018 and already helped over 2000 families have more fun outside.

Family Comes First

Securing your spot on the wall is very simple.

Once you've received your shelter from us, get outside and build it!

As soon as you take that step back, hands on hips, thinking "I built that", you are ready.

That's the time to get under it and take a picture.

Send that picture into us here, or post it to any of our social channels.

We'll print it off, add you to the wall and increase out count.

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