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Under Mother's Watchful Eye

Our Denbigh warehouse sits in the heart of the Vale of Clwyd.

"The Vale" is a 20-mile section of low-lying Welsh countryside that extends south-southwestwards from the Irish Sea.

It's a triangle, with low hills forming its western border and the imposing Clwydian Range on it's east.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, these heather clad Welsh hills also form part the of the 182-mile natural border between Wales and England.

Under Mother's Watchful Eye

Moel Famau

Moel Famau, Welsh for "Hill of Mothers", is the highest point of the Clwydian Range.

At it's summit sits Jubilee Tower. 

Built to commemorate the golden jubilee of George III in 1810; the tower and "Hill of Mothers" watches over our town and all the families in it.

Is There A Better Place To Build An Outdoor Company Than The Clwydian Range?

The Clwydians are a fantastic playground for all abilities; a great location for us to hone and develop our products and our outdoor skills.

Our team consists of a veteran big wall climber, an endurance runner and those that are just starting out in their outdoor journey...