About DAS Outdoors

DAS Outdoors is the UK's biggest provider of parachute shelters.

We have been receiving thousands of ex-army parachutes since 2016, which are used across the World as shelters.

Individuals, clubs, and schools use these chutes as their outdoor shelter.

They provide a huge outside space that can protect you equally from the wind, rain, and even glorious sunshine.

We at DAS Outdoors are passionate about getting families outside.

Families Come First

About DAS Outdoors

DAS Outdoors have extensive knowledge of rigging parachute shelters.

Combine that technical knowledge with the company's Family Comes First values and you can see why we intend to be the leading providers of outdoor shelters by the end of 2018, ensuring that more people and their families get to enjoy the outside more often.

About DAS Outdoors' History

DAS Outdoors is a Brady Global Ltd brand that has a 30-year-old history.

If you want to learn more about our beginnings, please take a look here...