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Everything that I've ever tried has gone wrong!

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I think in any designer's life, lots of stuff goes wrong.

The only way to get something right is to fail.

Success through failure is a really important part of being a designer.

Thomas Edison said that for every success is the result of ten thousand failures or something like that.

I went to five universities before I got my degree.

A bunch of stuff went wrong with a lot of those places.

There's an irony that I've ended up running a university degree and I think that that's a fun thing.

For me to really understand education, I think I needed to try it in a bunch of different ways.

Everything that I've ever tried has gone wrong, and that's the point right?

The point is that every time I create a design, a product, a course, anything, it's the beginning part of the next time I do it.

Everything is a failure, everything is a success because it's a continuous cycle.

It's an iteration of the previous generation and the starting point for the next generation.

The key thing about being a designer is being able to get up and that's the thing.

Being knocked down is going to happen forever but your ability to get back up is what will make you different to everybody else.

Everything that I've ever tried has gone wrong!


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