Steve Wright | Who Is He?

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Steve Wright is the course leader in fashion design at the University of South Wales.

He's been there for about three years and runs a label called Corr Blimey.

More on that below.

We interviewed Steve at the beginning of 2019, as part of our collaboration with the uni.

USW Fashion Design

In Steve's eyes the University of South Wales isa really interesting institution and one of the things that brought him to the UK from Australia.

It's focused on design and that's really a unique thing in fashion.

Design, in a sense, that we're looking at whole systems thinking, that we're trying to define and solve a problem.

USW, very much like ourselves, a passionate about understanding your problems and then try to solve them.

It's not solely on making clothes, but also understanding psychology, process, and society.

We are designers and we work in fashion, not just product developers, not just fashion designers... more than that.

Steve loves that it's a really nice, supportive and positive place to be too.

Something that he feels is incredibly rare in fashion.

Corr Blimey Fashion

Corr Blimey has been through a few iterations.

When we first started out, it was very much about punk-inspired streetwear and that was driven out of a lack of resources.

We couldn't afford anything.

We couldn't find anything.

Australia is still a really big country and stuff takes a long time to get there physically, so resources are premium.


The thing that we've evolved into, after a few iterations, is this idea of clothing as sculpture.

A sculptural approach to the body means that we look at the body in a different way.

We're not draping on the body.

In a sense that the body doesn't have to exist to fulfill the nature of the fashion.

The clothes and the bodywork in symbiosis to create something new and unique.

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