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I first came across Steven and Ellen when they did a road trip, they came all the way up from Cardiff to our warehouse in North Wales.

I wasn't in on that particular day, but I was told all about the following week when I was asked to share some images on our social channels.

Through this interaction, the University of South Wales' Instagram account, @uswfashiondesign, started engaging with us.

We'd been on each other's radar for a number of months and then I thought actually is there more that we could be doing here.

Was there a way in which we could engage with their students?

USWFashionDesign on Instagram

I reached out through Instagram and suggested maybe is there something that we could do with an end of year project and I was referred to Jo,

After a few email exchanges, we arranged for a face-to-face meeting in Cardiff at the beginning of 2019.

That's when I met Joe and Steve and we talked about the potential brief that they want to give to the secondary students in March.

I had a tour of the fantastic facilities and met a lot of the teaching staff.

We've had had all the initial meetings, a brief has been developed and I've given 28 packs of material to each of the students.

Let's see what they come up with...

Why Are We Working With the University of South Wales?

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