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During our time with Dom, from Bushcraft and Beyond, we asked him for a few tips.

3 tips, just small ones, that you could action straight away.

This is what he said...

Dom's 3 Tips

Develop relationships

"Find someone that you can work with, someone that you trust"

Once you have good support system, you can start to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

To try new things without fear of ridicule and disappointment.

Write it down

"I would say write something down.

Write it down and then it becomes solid."

Don't fear failure

"If you fear anything, I'd say fear not trying, cause if you don't give it a go, you are basically stopping yourself from growing."

This is often an easier said than done topic, but if you equip yourself with someone supportive, Dom's tip #1, then that fear can be reduced a lot.

Even eradicated completely!

What's Next For You?

Which of Dom's tips means the most to you?


Perhaps you've already got an ally on your side.

In which case, maybe now's the time to get some goals written down.

We'd love to hear what you think of Dom's tips, especially if they've inspired you to look for a little more adventure.

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