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Where Is Bushcraft and Beyond?

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Where Is Bushcraft And Beyond and how can you get involved?

The Buckminster Estate, which lies on the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire border has given Bushcraft and Beyond permissions to work in several locations

"I've got a simple site called Alice's Wood, it's about the size of a football field.

We've got one of the Cathedral shelters up in there, but it's very simple, it's very basic.

It's nice for starter kids.

That's somewhere that we're gonna look to set some low ropes courses and a bit more confidence courses."

People are so impressed with Dom's efforts that he's being approached more and more, from families all over the UK.

You Don't Need To Be Local

Yes, their base of operations is in the midlands, but Dom travels all over.

"I had a young lad brought to me from Edinburgh, I've got one lad who came to me from Weston-super-Mare, one lad who came from Bristol.

Some had got into crime, some had got into drugs, all under eighteens.

Their parents had contacted me, again through social media, just seeing what I did and said, you know, 'Could you do something for our child?'"

Where Next?

As if all of that wasn't testament enough to the great work Bushcraft and Beyond is doing, estate managers are reaching out to him, offering land and looking for partnerships.

"I've now got estates coming to me saying, 'Look, we've got this space, would you like us to allocate it for you?'"


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