Uses For Old Parachutes

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There are dozens of potential uses for old parachutes.

Their life is definitely not over once they're no longer suitable for being thrown from a great height. 

We focus on turning them into outdoor shelters, but you are using them in lots of different ways too.

Parachute Dresses

We've supplied many talented photographers over the years.

Their creative eye sees things in a way many of us can't.

Take a look at this amazing image that Tabitha Boydell took of the pink parachute we turn into tipis...

Uses For Old Parachutes | Parachute Dresses

Image Credit: Tabitha Boydell Photography 

Parachute Art

Artist, Silas Parry has ordered from us a couple of times.

His first installation, in Scotland, was so successful that he was invited to Japan to showcase his work at the Osaka Contemporary Art.

Parachute Art | Use For Old Parachutes

Space Programmes

We have supplied Copenhagen Suborbitals, the world’s only manned, amateur space program.

Despite, repeatedly telling their parachute lead, Mads, that our parachutes are scrap and not fit for purpose they used some of our chutes to test their capsule recovery system.

They look sensational, don't they?

Parachute Fashion

Ellen Hembrow is a Fashion Design Engineer based in South Wales.

She runs her own clothing label and is using some of our pink parachutes for her next collection.

The collection will be her entry into the World's largest sustainable fashion competition.

Parachutes For Charity

Vinny and Dave have been in a couple of times now. They're interested in the scrap 2nd hand parachutes we sometimes have.

Do you see the tops they're wearing?

They turn the chute fabric into them and sell them to raise money that supports ex-paras with PTSD

A very lightweight, compactable windproof shell.

Not Just Parachutes

We hope talking about all of these parachute projects and our work with the University of South Wales, helps you understand that are all sorts of ways to extend the life of something.

Not just parachutes either.

Our impact on the environment is a widely talked about topic.

Much of it is about energy efficiency and recycling.

Reusing and repurposing is a really good way of extending the life of our kit and it doesn't have to mean loads of processing either.

It's something we can all try.

Before you throw that next thing away, challenge your creativity and ask yourself this one question.

What else could I use this for?

Parachute Shelters

Finally, after all those other uses for old parachutes, the work that we do.

Beautiful parachute shelters that will help you and your family have a little more adventure.

It doesn't matter if you're just looking to build a small den, teach a class, or want to through a party for 60 people.

Parachute shelters are a great outside space.

 Den Kit

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