• Winter Climbing Mitts
Winter Climbing Mitts

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Winter Climbing Mitts

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Never have cold hands again!

Having cold fingers can be horrendously painful. In severe situations frost bite can occur and no body wants that.

Fingered gloves can go some way to keeping the cold out, but some occasions demand warmth over dexterity and fashion.

Grouping your fingers together in a mitt retains heat and helps your body keep the extremities warm.

These Winter Climbing Mitts offer you a safe haven from the wind rain and snow that you simply won't get from a fingered alternative.

The trigger finger is a great addition because it lets you do laces, straps and clips without having to take the mitt off.

Winter Climbing Mitts

  • Gore-tex outer mitt
    • Trigger finger
    • Elasticated wrist
    • Velcro close
    • Quilted lining
    • Webbing loop at wrist that can be used to clip to jacket or rucksack
  • Fleece lined inner mitt
    • Warm
    • Soft
    • Comfortable
    • External stitching to reduce the chance of blisters
  • Excellent used Condition
  • Seams are not sealed

  • UK's Biggest Provider

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