• MOD Brown Leder Gris
  • MOD Brown Leder Gris
MOD Brown Leder Gris

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MOD Brown Leder Gris

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Product Details

Proving very popular with soldiers since the change to brown boots...

MOD Brown Leder Gris from Altberg is fast becoming the boot care product, chosen by British military personal.

It’s is a mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil that has been developed for protecting your new issue brown boots.

The wax provides waterproofing. The oil  maintains the leather’s suppleness and prevents cracking.

MOD Brown Leder Gris

  • Brown
  • Made by Altberg
  • Manufactured in UK
  • 80g tin

How Do You Look After Leather Boots?

  • Brush in Brown Leder Gris when the boots are almost dry
  • Use the brush to work, and drive the wax oil into the leather
  • Always treat with Leder-Gris before storage
  • All leather will eventually show signs of cracking where the boot flexes
  • Treatment with Brown Leder Gris will slow down the rate at which this cracking will occur
  • Drying boots too quickly will harden the leather and accelerate flex cracking
  • Rapid drying may also shrink the boot and alter the fitting.
  • Always let boots dry naturally in a cool place

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