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Lowa Plastic Boots

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Lowa Plastic Boots

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Product Details

Lowa Plastic Boots with removable padded liner.

These mountaineering boots have a, quick release, ski binding close, which means no more messing with laces whilst wearing padded gloves or mitts.

The padded inner boot can be worn separately.

This means you can leave your crampons on, un-clip the Lowa Plastic Boots, pull out your feet and walk around  mountain huts or climb into your tent without fear of puncturing gear or people.

Lowa Plastic Boots

  • Lowa Civetta
    • Plastic outer
    • Quick release close
    • Will take a step-in crampon
    • Vibram sole
  • Inner boot
    • Warm
    • Comfortable
    • Padded
    • Can be worn seperately
    • Inner boot may differ from picture
  • Excellent used condition

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