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  • Large Ammo Box
  • Large Ammo Box
Large Ammo Box

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Large Ammo Box

£44.10 GBP


Product Details

Large Ammo Box made from steel, used to transport Avionic equipment for the RAF. Loads of room to get all of your tools in and then some.

These strong Large Ammo Boxes look like they've only been used once and have a waterproof seal around the lid strong securing clasp that will protect anything you care to put in it.

They have clasps at both ends that means it can be removed completely.

Large Ammo Box Description

  • Steel
  • Brown
  • Waterproof seal
  • 2 x Hinged carry handle that folds flat on each end

Large Ammo Box Dimensions:

  • Approx. internal
    • 460 x 230 x 250 mm

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