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Gorilla Tape

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Gorilla Tape

£3.98 GBP (Excl VAT £3.98 GBP)


Product Details

What do you need to fix?

Gorilla Tape sticks... To anything and everything. If you are looking for a tape that can fix your gear. This is it!

This duct tape will stick to smooth, rough and uneven surfaces. Ideal for camping, bushcraft, boating and sporting.

Gorilla Tape

  • Strong
  • Grippy
  • Weather resistant
  • Double-think adhesive
  • Made in the USA
  • Size and colour
    • Black | 1 in. x 30ft (2.5mm x 9.14m)
    • Camo (Mossy OAK) | 1.88 on. x 9 yrd (47.8mm x 8.2m)

Gorilla Tape Tips For Use

  • Surfaces should be clean and dust-free
  • Rub the tape into the surface to achieve maximum bond
  • For best results apply at room temperature

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