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  • Fastrap Restraint
Fastrap Restraint

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Fastrap Restraint

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Product Details

Fastrap Restraints are a body strap system that allow Police officers and Prison staff to safely and effectively control violent persons.

Fastrap Restraints can be implemented in seconds and protect a violent person from themselves or anyone close by.

Units come in pairs, complete with a belt mounted pouch. 

  • Simple low-cost temporary restraint
  • Compact, lightweight belt mounted system
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the officer from kicks following handcuffing
  • Reduces the risk of damage to vehicles and property=
  • Hard wearing and water resistant
  • Simple training – can be incorporated into existing handcuff or custody skills training
  • Training time less than 2 hours for a trained handcuff use

    Fastrap Restraints

    • Simple
    • Effective
    • Increases safety
    • Hard wearing
    • 2 straps

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