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  • Crusader Mug Lid
Crusader Mug Lid

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Crusader Mug Lid

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The Crusader Mug Lid will reduce your boil time, which in turns reduces the amount of fuel you burn... Saving you money.

How does it work? Easy, the lid stops heat escaping, so you spend you precious fuel heating the water in your cup and not the air around it.

Super important on freezing cold days!

If you keep the Crusader Mug Lid on after you've made you're brew, it will keep it hot for longer too.

Crusader Mug Lid

  • Speeds up boil time
  • Keeps drinks hot
  • Protects brew from leaf litter, bugs and ash
  • Lightweight
  • Fits crusader cups
  • Made by BCB

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