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  • Camtech Cam Cream
Camtech Cam Cream

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Camtech Cam Cream

£6.83 GBP (Excl VAT £5.69 GBP)


Product Details

Loads of coverage with very little cream and it comes off really easily!

Camtech Cam Cream is the choice of British Army soldiers. We started stocking it because a serving soldier told us that's the best.

Camtech comes in a compact case that takes up no room and includes a mirror that could also be used to signal others.

It includes 3 cream colours; light green, brown and black.

Camtech Cam Cream has a high pigment density and is extremely opaque, so you don't have to use much. Which means it will last longer than other cam creams.

Camtech Cam Cream

  • 3 colours
    • Light green
    • Brown
    • Black
  • Contains SPF15+ sunscreen for protection against sun and muzzle flash
  • NIR Spectral Reflectance
  • Non-Irritant
  • Will not wash off whilst fording streams or entering water
  • Easily removed with soap or detergent
  • Does not contain mineral oils, chromium compounds, volatiles, emulsifiers or other skin irritants, so it cannot cause spots or pimples Condition !!
  • Made by Caplock 

  • Made In Britain