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  • Camping Tarp
  • Camping Tarp
  • Camping Tarp
  • Camping Tarp
  • Camping Tarp
  • Camping Tarp
Camping Tarp

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Camping Tarp

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Product Details

Strong and tough Camping Tarp made from parachutes.

Each cargo parachute is carefully inspected and cut up for.

Turning this formidimal piece of MOD gear into the perfect shelter for your next camping trip.

They can be set up as an A-frame shelter, using a simple ridge-line, or provide a massive lean-to shelter.

We've even had customers use them has groundsheets, although they will absorb water from wet grass.


Does That Mean I'll Get Wet?

No. Absolutely not.

If you set these uptight, with a good pitch they will protect you from the worst of weathers.

Sure, if you start rubbing up against the inside of the tarp, water will come through.

However, these things are so big, it should be near impossible for you to be that close.

How Strong?

We've had one of these set up outside our warehouse for over 18 months; in every possible weather condition, Wales could through at it.

We had one eyelet pull through in that time, which we simply repaired and set it up again.

Which is something we could do for you!

Camping Tarp

  • Strong
  • Tough
  • Water repellent
  • Fixings all around
    • Original webbing loops along one edge
    • Brass eyelets around the rest
  • Re-purposed military parachute
  • Made in Britain

  • Find Us

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