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  • Bushcraft Tarp
  • Bushcraft Tarp
  • Bushcraft Tarp
  • Bushcraft Tarp
  • Bushcraft Tarp
  • Bushcraft Tarp
Bushcraft Tarp

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Bushcraft Tarp

£38.10 GBP (Excl VAT £31.75 GBP)

Size (ft)

Product Details

Strong and tough Bushcraft Tarp made from parachutes.

Everyone of our Bushcraft Tarps now come complete with storage bag and cord!

We also have B Grade Bushcraft Tarps available too; quality with a little discount.

These panels are cut from huge parachutes used by the MOD and make a brilliant Bushcraft Tarp.

They can be set up as an A-frame shelter, using a simple ridge-line, or provide massive lean to cover. 

Take a look below:

 Comes complete with Karrimor SF dry bag for storage and protection and includes a ridge line kit for tarps.

Bushcraft Tarp

  • Strong
  • Tough
  • Water repellent
  • Heavy duty tie points
    • Brass eyelets and webbing loops
  • Dry bag
  • Ridge line Kit
  • Re-purposed military parachute
  • Some in-service repairs patches may be visable
  • Made in Britain

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