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  • 30 Cal Ammo Box
  • 30 Cal Ammo Box
30 Cal Ammo Box

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30 Cal Ammo Box

£18.00 GBP


Product Details

30 Cal Ammo Box for keeping ammo, important documents and external hard drives protected from water and fire.

These steel 30 Cal Ammo Box have a waterproof seal around the lid to keep moisture out and a strong securing clasp that will protect anything you care to put in it.

It hinges on it's short side and has a carry handle on it's lid.

30 Cal Ammo Box

  • Steel
  • Waterproof
  • Carry handle that folds flat to the lid
  • Strong hinged clasp close
  • Serial numbers and ammo information may vary from image

30 Cal Ammo Box Dimensions

  • Approx internal:
    • 254 x 84 x 168 mm

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