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  • Karrimor SF Dry Bags
  • Karrimor SF Dry Bags
Karrimor SF Dry Bags

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Karrimor SF Dry Bags

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Product Details

Karrimor SF Dry Bags are perfect for lining your rucksack and keeping your stuff dry.

They're lightweight and really flexible, so you can be sure that you won't loose any storage space as these will push into every corner of your bag.

The flexibility also means you can part fill the bag, without losing space in your rucksack or compromising the waterproof seal.

The Karrimor SF Dry Bags are taped, so it's not just the material that's waterproof, but the seams too.

This stops any water from creeping in.

To finish here is a MOD approved roll-top closure with securing clip to keep everything safe.

They make great pillows!

If you're out over night, one of these full of clothes make for a more comfortable night sleep.

Karrimor SF Dry Bags

  • Waterproof
  • Taped seams
  • MOD approved
  • Flexible construction that can packed down when empty or only partially filled
  • Quick release closure
  • Brand New

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