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Static Line and Snap Hook Static Line and Snap Hook Quick View

Static Line and Snap Hook

£13.24 GBP

Including Pack?
This is the Static Line and Snap Hook that paratroopers "hook up" to the anchor line cable above. This piece of equipment was used by paratroopers ...

Static Line and Snap Hook

From £13.24 GBP - £23.82 GBP
Holdon Clips Holdon Clips Quick View

Holdon Clips

£0.75 GBP  £1.50 GBP

Holdon Clips are a reusable clip-on eyelet that fit’s instantly without damaging the material you are trying to tie to. These fasteners are designe...

Holdon Clips

£0.75 GBP
£1.50 GBP
Paracord Bracelet Kit Paracord Bracelet Kit Quick View

Paracord Bracelet Kit

£2.50 GBP

This Paracord Bracelet Kit contains military grade paracord and quick release clip for you to make an epic suvival bracelet. The paracord has been ...