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  • Drogue Chute
Drogue Chute

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Drogue Chute

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Product Details

We have sold these chutes for various uses one of which was as a Drogue Chute.

These chutes are a great way for following the current and keeping pace with the fish you are trying to catch.

The bottom end to this webbing has a been looped and stitch giving an anchor point for a karabiner.

The "top" end of the webbing is fixed at the top of the chute with approximately 2m excess.

This end can be attached to your trip line and will collapse the chute on retrieval.

Drogue Chute

  • Top half is rip-stop Nylon 
  • Bottom half is a fine mesh, similar to Mosquito netting
  • Strong line running through center
  • Manufactured by Irvin Aerospace Limited
  • Manufactured around 1999 
  • NATO Stock Number: 1670-99-179-9266 Condition Excellent used Condition 
  • Approximately 1.5m diameter

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