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Den Kit

£56.70 GBP (Excl VAT £56.70 GBP)


Product Details

Our Den Kit is a great way for you to have fun on your own or together with family and friends.

There are so many ways for you to set up this den kit; a-frame, lean-to, with a groundsheet, without, up high and even down low.

They took at away camping with them too!

The Biggest

We believe that our tarp is the biggest found in any Den Kit on the market, nearly twice as big!

This 2.75m x 4m tarp gives you even more space to have fun under.

The tarp is so big that you can set up your den with a groundsheet, without needing a second tarp!

That's not the only reason why our tarps are special though.

The Tarp

Your tarp has been cut from a military cargo chute, which also makes this one of the strongest Den Kits on the market.

Can you imagine the force they are used to?

These parachutes were used to drop huge loads out of military aircraft, from a great height. 

Your den kit is made from that same material, eyeleted by hand, by us in Wales.

The Environment

Choosing a DAS Outdoors Den Kit means you're putting the environment first.

You are not buying a kit that includes mass-produced plastic tarps.

All of our parachute shelters are made from repurposed military parachutes.

Chutes that the MOD no longer want or need.

We've secured 1000s of them, stopping them from going for incineration or into landfill.

The environmental impact doesn't mean you are sacrificing performance.

The tarps are even more robust than you can imagine. 

The Test

We love these tarps so much that we've had one up outside of our shop for over a year.

Over 365 days from 2017 - 2018. One of the coldest winters and hottest summers the UK has had in decades.

Remeber the Beast From The East?

A tarp just like the one in this den kit gave us shelter throughout!

The Repair

After about 18 months, permanently, set up outside the shop, an eyelet was pulled out of the corner of our shelter.

It wasn't out of action for long though.

We stripped down the sheltered, added a new eyelet and put it straight back up again.

If any of the eyelets we fit should pull out of your den kit, it's not the end of the World!

You can have it repaired by our in-house manufacturing team.

Just send it back to us and let us work our magic.

You Are 1 In A Million

We have a goal!

We want to help 1,000,000 families get outside more often and have even more fun together underneath one of our parachute shelters.

When you buy this Den Kit, you and your family will help us get closer to that goal.

Once you've received your kit and you've laughed, giggled and smiled your way through building your den; take a picture and send it over to us.

We will print it off and add you to our Family Comes First wall.

The Cord

Even the paracord included in your Den Kit has been reclaimed from military parachutes.

Don't let its looks fool you!

The lightweight, green, paracord has 8 strand core, which makes it incredibly strong.

It is genuine 550 paracord that has a breaking strain of 550 lbs.

That's about 250 kilograms of breaking strain in every length!

The Den Kit

  • Huge tarp
    • 2.75m x 4m | 9ft x 13.ft
    • Made from re-purposed military cargo parachute
  • Paracord
    • 1 x 6 m
    • 8 x 1.5 m
    • 10 x Pegs
      • Peg bag
      • Karrimor SF dry bag

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