Are parachutes waterproof?

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Okay, are parachutes waterproof?

It's a bit of an odd question to be asking myself on a day like today; the sun is out, the blue sky goes on for miles.

It's glorious.

We've had weather like this for a few weeks now which is why it's quite nice being under here sheltering from the rays.

It's not always like that though.

In the UK, weather can be unpredictable and sometimes quite grim.

So, when you are thinking about buying one of our outdoor shelters, one thing in the forefront of your mind is whether it's going to protect you in the rain.

Are parachutes waterproof?

Most of the time, they're made from nylon fabric which sheds the rain.

They are made up of lots of panels though, which means lots of seams and they let water through.

By how much, depends on a couple variables.


If you don't set these up tight, the fabric will be wavy.

Instead of being smooth, it will have peaks and troughs.

Troughs are bad, these act as bowls that will allow water to pool.

If water pools on any fabric, not just these parachutes, it will eventually seep through.

2. Angle

Give your shelter a steep angle and water will run off so quickly that it doesn't get a chance to soak through seams or pool, see above.

Let water settle and pool on top of your shelter and you will get drips.

How much of a drip will all depend on how much sag you have and how much capacity there is in the bowl you've created in your roof.

The trick with any shelter is tight and steep.

Eliminate any sag where you can.

Oh and this too!

The strength of wind and rain

We've had our largest chute up in awful conditions and we got wet inside, but not a lot.

The wind was so strong that it pushed the water through the seams and we ended up with a fine mist inside.

Did we care? No!

It was insignificant, especially compared to the deluge outside.

Take a look:

Have you been out under our shelters in the rain?

Comment below and let you know how you got on.

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