• Light Thigh Riot Armour
Light Thigh Riot Armour

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Light Thigh Riot Armour

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Thick or thin... I guess that depends how hard you're going to be hit right?

It's unlikely your getting yourself ready for a riot, so I'm guessing your thinking of using this Light Thigh Riot Armour as a costume?

Maybe you're one of these hardcore swordsman, who hits hard?

We're always amazed at how creative you guys can be and how far away some of you are; but when you're looking for that perfect piece of protective armour, I guess genuine police riot armour is a good place to start.

Arnold PPE

The Light Thigh Riot Armour is made by Arnold PPE

"Arnold's personal protective equipment division is part of Arnold Engineering Plastics Ltd founded in 1967, with the PPE division being formed in 1977 when they produced the first riot shield to be used in the UK by the Metropolitan Police.  The Metropolitan still specify this shield today."

Light Thigh Riot Armour

  • High impact ABS thermoplastic outer skin
  • Impact absorbing foam laminate worn against leg
  • Outstanding protective coverage
  • Comfortable to both male and female users
  • Can be worn with shin/knee riot armour
  • Secured to the thigh by elasticated strap
  • Looped strap for fastening to your belt

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