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  • Fabsil Universal Protector
Fabsil Universal Protector

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Fabsil Universal Protector

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We've never stocked Fabsil Universal Protector previously and we're always a little nervous listing something without having used it first hand, so last summer we chatted to the guys at Grangers International and had some samples sent over.

We tested this on one of our panels and are really impressed with it's performance, even after 100 days fighting against all the elements North Wales weather could throw at it.

Without #fabsil... with fabsil... Nice work @grangersproofing

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 As you can see, this is exactly what you want from a waterproofing product.

It works brilliantly.

100 Day Test

Time seems to fly by here and before we knew it 100 days had passed.

It wasn't our intention to do such an extended product test, but lucky Rich documented the process and was able to put this blog together...

Fabsil Universal Protecor

Fabsil Universal Protector

  • Gives your stuff a water-repellent finish
  • Works on any fabric
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • High performance
  • Silicone based

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