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  • Clevis Shackle
Clevis Shackle

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Clevis Shackle

£10.50 GBP


Product Details

Forged steel Clevis Shackle used for deploying MOD parachutes, designed for loads up to 6000kgs.

This is a 3/4" Clevis Shackle with a 3/4" removable hex bolt.

The mouth of this shackle is approximately 2" wise, but opens up to nearly 5".

This allows you to attach several lines of rope or webbing when using the shackle.

Clevis Shackle

  • Steel
    • Surface treatment
  • 3/4" removable hex bolt
  • 2" mouth
  • Serial number: MS70087-2
  • Designed to lift loads of 6000+ kilos
    • We cannot guarantee this
    • Customer must decide if this is fit for purpose prior to use

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