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  • Bergen Chest Strap
  • Bergen Chest Strap
  • Bergen Chest Strap
  • Bergen Chest Strap
Bergen Chest Strap

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Bergen Chest Strap

£8.00 GBP


Product Details

Until now, the Bergen Chest Strap hasn't been available. We've never seen them.

The Bergen is a formidable rucksack, but omitting a chest strap can cause problems for people.

No one likes the shoulder straps slipping off!

So, we made one... Well we actually made a bunch of them, otherwise Mick would have one on his Bergen and we wouldn't have any to sell.

They don't require any stitching, all you need to do is thread our chest strap through existing loops on your bergen and you're all set.

Bergen Chest Strap

  • Simple fitting
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Fits long and shot backs
  • No stitching required


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