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Army Socks

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Army Socks

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Did you know the current socks are black, not green? But don't worry, we have both!

Warm and comfortable wool blend socks.

These Army Socks are designed and made to exacting MOD standards by HL Hall. In fact, they used to supply the MOD.

The wool blend provides great insulation, keeping your feet warm, as well as great strength and durability.

These half hose Army Socks come up above mid calf, so there’s no chance of them slipping beneath the top of your boot and allowing the boot to rub on your leg.

Army Socks:

  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Mid-calf
  • Designed to MOD standards
  • Wool Rich
    • 60% Wool
    • 40% Polymide
  • Commando™ Model


  • UK's Biggest Provider

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