• Air Support Field Pack
  • Air Support Field Pack
  • Air Support Field Pack
Air Support Field Pack

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Air Support Field Pack

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Product Details

This is a whopping pack. In fact the Air Support Field Pack hold 50 litres more than the standard bergen.

If that's not enough for you, you can zip 3 rocket pouches to it. Allowing you to carry up to 180 litres...

But Why?

Why would you want to carry so much; you certainly couldn't walk very far with it. So who uses them?

The truth is, you don't have to fill them.

What makes this field pack better than the traditional Bergen is the compartments.

You can split up elements of your kit (first aid, fire lighting, food, cooking,etc) into the the 6 front pockets.

This makes it some much easier to find your gear, rather than pulling everything out from the main compartment.

Remember the zips on the side, the ones that you can fit side pockets to, can be used to reduce the size of the main compartment.

So if you're not filling it, zip them up and you'll get a lot less movement of kit inside.


Or you could use the main compartment for a super warm and comfortable down sleeping bag. No need to compress it and lose some of the thermal properties.

It's super light, so you're not going to break your back carrying it.

Air Support Field Pack

  • Massive
  • Hard wearing
  • 150 litres
  • 6 x front pockets, each with sand/snow baffles
  • 1 x lid pocket
  • 2 x padded shoulder straps
  • 1 x Waist strap
  • Zipped pocket on lid
  • IRR: Infra Red Resistant
  • Includes removable aluminium back frame
  • Will take 3 side pockets (not included)
  • Full working order
  • Condition:
    • Grade 1

  • Made In Britain