• Small Ground Anchor
Small Ground Anchor

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Small Ground Anchor

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Product Details

Small Ground Anchors are perfect for solo adventurers.

This cast Ground Anchor System we stock is awesome, but it's a lot to carry if you're traveling alone or only have a small vehicle.

Small Ground Anchors will sit perfectly on the back of a quad without getting in the way too much.

There are 5 holes in the ground anchor plate (GAP) that will receive 5 ground anchor stakes. Firmly fixing the plate to the ground.

There is a loop of steel at one end that you can connect your winch to.

Small Ground Anchors:

  • Strong
  • Tough
  • Steel
  • Includes:
    • 5 x ground anchor stakes

How much pull will Small Ground Anchors take?

  • Approx. 1.25 tonnes per plate

Whilst researching this item, I found this great thread on ARRSE... "Arte_et_Marte" write a great response detailing the performance of theses GAPs.

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