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  • Ground Anchor Stakes
Ground Anchor Stakes

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Ground Anchor Stakes

£24.15 GBP


Product Details

Did you know there's a clever trick to removing these?


Ground Anchor Stakes to fix your ground anchor, firmly, to the floor. These stakes a forged from steel, making them extremely strong. This allows the stakes to be driven in to almost all ground types.

The clever hexagonal design of these stakes makes removing them easier. Simply rotating the peg widens the hole in the ground and allows for an easy extraction.

Ground Anchor Stakes Description:

  • Forged from steel
  • 950 mm long
  • 30 mm diameter anchor point 35mm from top
  • Tapered leading edge
  • Condition
    • Excellent used Condition
    • Little evidence of use
    • Some signs of long term storage
    • May be some superficial rust and/or scratches

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