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  • Double MTP T-bar Strap
Double MTP T-bar Strap

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Double MTP T-bar Strap

£1.00 GBP


Product Details

The Double MTP T-bar Strap is part of the "Ancillaries Set" for the Osprey Mk 4 Body Armour.

So if you're looking to fit more gear on your Osprey, or any MOLLE vest for that matter, these clips are a great place to start.

Simply slide the clips through the MOLLE and let the t-bar hold the strap in place.

Perfectly secure.

Hydration Systems

  • The short versions are designed to connect to the top of your hydration system
  • The longer straps fit to the bottom, allowing you to tension it as you need to

Double MTP T-bar Strap

  • Double thickness t-bar
    • Reinforced with plastic
  • MTP
  • Fits Osprey body armour
  • Nexus clips
  • Genuine MOD product
  • Two lengths available

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