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Blister First Aid Kit Quick View

Blister First Aid Kit

£16.00 GBP

Start treating them before they become a blister! Blister First Aid Kit from Lifesystems. Light and compact, and can easily be added to an existing...
Sold Out
British Army Assault Boots Quick View

British Army Assault Boots

Sold Out

Brand new with an improved sole! Getting British Army Assault Boots is getting harder and will get harder again now that the MOD have switched to b...
Sold Out
German Para Boots German Para Boots Quick View

German Para Boots

Sold Out

German Para Boots is super grade condition. These boots are hardly used and only £80! German Para Boots are the most asked for boots surplus; argua...
MOD Brown Leder Gris MOD Brown Leder Gris Quick View

MOD Brown Leder Gris

£3.94 GBP

Proving very popular with soldiers since the change to brown boots... MOD Brown Leder Gris from Altberg is fast becoming the boot care product, cho...