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I wanted to stop saying no and starting saying yes, so I started a Fabsil Product Test 100 days ago.

It wasn't my intention to test over such an extended period, but time has a habit of passing by quite quickly when you're busy.

Just when thought you were over due an update on Fabsil's performance, I realised just how long ago I painted the first panel.

Why Do The Test?

We're often asked if our parachutes and parachute panels are waterproof and our default answer is "technically no", however they perform superbly as shelters.

Just watch the video below:


Performs well doesn't it, really well, but I still can't bring myself to say it's "waterproof" without giving an explanation, so I chatted to the guys at Grangers International about their proofing solution, Fabsil.

They thought the product would work very well with our parachutes and sent over some samples.

That was on 25th July 2017...


UV Protection Too!

As you can see from the video, Fabsil also protects the material from the sun.

This was a real bonus for me. I'd talked a couple of international customers out of buying a parachute because I could not be sure if the parachutes had been UV treated of not.

If Fabsil does it's job, not only will it keep the water out, but it will stop the sun from weakening the fabric too.

Fabsil Product Test

One month on from receiving the samples the sun was shining and I found some time to treat one of our panels.


We painted Fabsil directly on to one third of a parachute panel we have set up outside the shop.

This would allow us to directly compare performance with an untreated panel and test the solution under two conditions:

  1. Steep pitch with good run off
  2. Shallow/flat pitch where water settles

Beautiful Beading

Lovely #beading thanks to #Fabsil from @grangersproofing #r&d #waterproofing #waterproof #rain #tarp #shelter #protection #test

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 I got really excited when I came to work and saw all that beading, especially the contrast between the Fabsil treat panel and the untreated one.

Without #fabsil... with fabsil... Nice work @grangersproofing

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The beading, however, didn't last and I started to get worried.

But it didn't matter. Yes it looks more reassuring when you see the water bead up on the surface, but it's what happens on the underside that really counts and I'm impressed.

 Get Up Close And Personal

One of the huge problems of being under a tarp or tent in the rain, is that you only have to think about brushing up against the fabric and water starts seeping through.

It's really frustrating, you'll know this if you've woken up in the morning and found your sleeping bag or change of clothes drenched because you rolled the wrong way during the night!

I'd expected the panel to still suffer from this, but was really surprised at the results.

Nothing, not even when I rubbed against the underneath with my hand.

My skin was completely dry.

 Fabsil Product Test

The test was a real success and turned me into a huge Fabsil fan (I'm wanting to treat every bit of kit I own).

According to camping statistics, we spend an average 3.4 nights under canvas.

Based on this test, Fabsil could give you nearly 30 dry camping trips... Awesome!

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