A store that sells army surplus, but not an army surplus store.

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Pardon, I hear you say. You're a store that sells army surplus, but you're not an army surplus store?

That's right, we have been an army surplus store and had been one from our inception in 1988.

Well, not anymore.

Now, in what is our 30th year, we're making a change.

A store that sells army surplus, but not an army surplus store.

Army surplus parachutes

Since 2016 we've received thousands of surplus parachutes.

They're decommissioned, deemed unsuitable for jumping out of a plane with one (unless you're a wannabe astronaut from Denmark).

We sell them nearly exclusively as shelters. To people who are having a party, getting married, schools or to people that just like getting together around a fire.

A store that sells army surplus, but not an army surplus store.Bestsellers

Without question, parachute shelters are our most popular products and we want to make that our focus.

By the end of this year, when people think of outdoor shelters, they will think of DAS Outdoors.

It's not a decision I've made lightly.

I've been trusted with taking my parents' 30-year-old business forward and I'm committed to that.

Why Are We Moving Away From Army Surplus?

The surplus industry is a very different place to what it was when my parents started out.

That's one of the reasons you won't see many around these days.

We've only made it this far because of how Dad secured so much stock over the years. Having plenty of room, meant he could buy big and much of the sales we get know is of items we bought 10-20 years ago.

There's less and less of it available and of the little that is, much of it is rough and expensive.

Gone are the days you could grab a pair of £8 work boots that will last you a couple of years.

Nurturing Resilience

Our mission is to Nurture Resilience. In ourselves, our team, their families, and the community around us.

I can't let sentiment, tradition and emotion blind us from the reality or we'll never see out another 30 years.

The army surplus industry has changed a lot since my parents started out. 

Always changing

Change is not something new for us.

We've always adapted when we've needed to.

From selling out the back of a van at Sunday markets to opening a retail store and then to an e-commerce website.

If we'd stayed static, we'd have been out of business long ago.

It's not something we should fear or be sad about.

A store that sells army surplus, but not an army surplus store.

So, we'll be focusing on outdoor shelters. That is true, but we also have 15 shipping containers full of army surplus, so there's still plenty of opportunities for you to buy gear from us.

I just wanted to let you know what was going on.

You'll start to see a slight change in our logo, the company name and the content on our social channels will become more and more about shelters.

How long is the change going to take?

That's a difficult question to answer if you what you are actually asking is "How long until all of the army surplus has gone?".

That will all depend on how quickly you guys buy it.

Events like our 30-minute container spree will speed things along, but it's probably going to be 8-months to 2 years before we're out.

Which will be good timing, because I need those containers for our new building!

The change is actually happening now!

We've made a commitment to shelters, so we're not restocking some army surplus lines, we're getting used to calling ourselves DAS Outdoors and the whole team are learning more and more about shelters.

A store that sells army surplus, but not an army surplus store.

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  • Daniel M.: March 16, 2018

    Just read your blog post on moving away from army surplus. I think you are probably making the right decision for the right reasons, so go for it. I had only come across you company a year or two ago and bought some fantastic east German folding entrenching tools. By all accounts you have been and still are a great army surplus store, so i’ll think you’ll be sorely missed when the full transition has happened. Best of luck with the new business model.


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