Turning 30

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This year DAS Outdoors turns 30 years old...

It's amazing to think that I was only 7 when Dad attended his very first army surplus auction. Looking back over what he and my Mum have achieved over 3 decades makes me immensely proud.

Celebrate good times, come on!

We kicked off the birthday year with our team Christmas Party at Llanrhaedr Springs. Dylan said it was "posher" than usual, but that was the point.

I wanted to let the team know that I have big plans for the company and that we should all be looking to better ourselves.

Team celebrations shouldn't be the be all and all though.

We couldn't have got to 30 years old without you and all of your support.

2018 Plans

We want to spend this year celebrating with you.

After all, without you, we wouldn't be here. 

We've already had a successful 30 Minute Container Shopping Spree and you loved it so much we hope to do it again.

I'm also trying to finalise details for DAS 30, an opportunity for some of you to spend 30 hours in the wilderness with the DAS Outdoors team.

Here are some images from a similar event we ran for our 25th:

DAS 25

DAS 25

DAS 25

DAS 25

DAS 25

DAS 25

How do you get involved?

 If you want to take part in either of those events, you need to register your interest.

Click here for the Container Spree

Click here for DAS 30

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